Chia Nodes as a Service

Focus on your app. Let us worry about running nodes.


Thanks to Kubernetes and cloud technologies, FireAcademy ensures that your app can handle any amount of users.

Easy to Use

Built and maintained by the creator of GreenWeb.js, FireAcademy allows you to fetch data from the Chia blockchain in a few lines of JavaScript code.

Open Source

Cryptocurrencies and open-source software go hand in hand. The code that powers FireAcademy is freely available on GitHub.

Simple, predictable pricing

To make billing easier, we measure your usage in 'traffic'.
$1 per 4.200.000 bytes (websocket protocol).
$1 per 500 RPC requests (HTTP API).
[ 1 HTTP request = 8.400 bytes ]
First 10.000.000 bytes are free.

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